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Travelling this summer?

Ok, over on my other blog I wrote about a great little api that can inspire the artist. Here I’m going to share another one. Heck, forget just sharing it.. I believe we’re going to end up using this!!

In a combination between Yahoo and Flickr, you can plan out an entire trip: note your flight/train/bus reservations, map your driving route, check out hotels and restaurants and make a list of things to do. That is, plan your trip before you take it.

Then, when you return, you can make a trip journal by uploading your photos to Flickr, and then inserting them in the appropriate place.

Planning and memories all in one place. This is Yahoo Travel’s Trip Planner.

This might be a good thing to do with children (not tiny ones) or a way for a group to make plans and all get “on the same page”. Then share your photos all in one place.. organized by location.

Whatcha think?? Ok, to try this out, I’ve started a Planner/Journal for my trip to BlogHer next week. So we can watch this whole thing develop.

Whatcha Doing Today? Again, trying to stay cool. maybe go to see a movie?

What’s on TV Tonight? Again, nothing standing out.

Steps? Friday:10,225

RockStar Weekly…

I had an “a-hah” moment in the shower (don’t most great ideas originate in the shower?) about this show:

One of the interesting things about the show last year was that all performers had to be familiar with a “portfolio” of INXS songs that they would be used on Elimination night. They were given a song, a beat, and it began.

This year the performers are choosing their own “swan songs”.

I really wish that the producers and the “band” members had set up a portfolio before the show began. I know they don’t have a large of the new band’s songs.. but they could have made an interesting selection of cover songs. Then, when the band WANTS to hear someone rock harder.. they choose song X to force the issue. Note to the producers if this has a 3rd season.

An improvement they could make this season? Give Tommy Lee a strong dose of saltpetre and a gag.

Anyway, on to Wednesday’s Elimination Show:

Darn.. I wrote the above earlier, then an entire evaluation of this show, live. then my browser decided to crash. (guess it was all the multi-tasking I did during the show…). Oh well. The short version:

Way too much talk-talk in the beginning. When there are fewer performers, will they show some of the real world stuff??

Magni Encore.. good!

Jenny : interesting, but her voice is too thin.

Dana: She just doesn’t have “it.”

And Josh? If this the best he can do, he won’t be around long either. NOT THAT HE’S NOT TALENTED. Some of the song still sounded like a folk song with screaming.

Jenny’s gone.. and should be, and Josh might be next.

Whatcha Doing Thursday? There is a sale at the guild meeting tonight, I’ve got to organize my stuff.

What’s on TV Thursday night? Nothing that I can worth watching. Looks like a DVD night to me.

Steps Wednesday? 10,112

This is my Meez avatar… yep, looks just like me. I know you are green with envy about that big screen in the background.. and so distracted by my honking huge cuppa coffee that you haven’t even noticed that I’m back to my college-aged weight and shape, though my modern day hair cut and color.

Whatcha Doing Today? trying to stay cool.

What’s on TV Tonight? SciFi has the pilot of a quirky but fun looking new show called Eureka. We’ll see…

What’s growing the Garden?

How’s my veggie garden doing, you ask? (well, you didn’t.. but you should have!) Let’s see…

My pepper plant is only about 12″ tall.. but it’s growing peppers!! Since I like them ripe (ie. not green..) it will be a month or so before I’m picking these.

This is my cantaloupe plant… it sat for the longest time, pouting and refusing to admit it had germinated and needed to grow. Now it’s finally starting to look a little like a plant. There are even flowers on it. Still looks like a month or more until I’m fruit happy

My yellow pear summer squash is the only real producer so far. Like zucchini, I forget why I planted it, as I tire of if before it stops producing.

This is a volunteer!! I thought it was going to be a cucumber plant, but with a fruit on it now, I’m thinking canteloupe. What do you think? Or a canteloupe/watermelon cross?

Three small pie pumpkins are happily nesting in their leaves. Each of these should get about 12″ round.. and about 8 pounds. Such tasty pie/pudding goodness is promised here.

My tomatoes are all green, green, green. Which does not keep them from being attacked by the scrub jays!! See those tomatoes with the dark spots on their sides near the bottom? The Jays come along, poke holes in the fruits and eat the liquid/seed out these. Later the squirrels will come along and steal the nearly ripe fruits. They will eat about 1/4 and leave them sitting on the deckrail to taunt me.

See? more details of the Jay-eaten damage.


Zimbabwean women want Dignity.Period!

Imagine what you would do if a box of tampons or sanitary napkins cost 50% of your monthly income.

RockStar SuperNova.. now there were 14

Yeah, I’m taking a break from blogging, but not from watching TV (this week). So wraps up are still being “Tivo- blogged.” This lets me fast forward through any of the chatter that I really don’t care for. (and it cuts a 1 hour show down to about 30 minutes of viewing time).

RSSN Elimination show:

First, I’m glad that Toby got the replay. I liked his rendition of the Somebody Told Me. Liked it Tuesday, and still liked it tonight.

Jill: Bring Me To Life the energy was good.. I liked most of the performance, but she was off-key during the final phrases. She’ll be safe tonight, but not here to the end.

Zayra: You Really Got Me. (Who do these kids know this song from? Is it really the Kinks version that was a hit when I was like in 8th grade? Who has covered it in the last 25 years?) A repeat of a song that got her voted to the bottom?? What was she thinking?? The performance was strange.. it looked like she decided to “give the band what they wanted” without really understanding WTF that was. The screaming, the weird gyrations (she looked spastic!!), it wasn’t an authentic performance. Frankly, it stunk.

Chris: If You Can Only See. It wasn’t the strongest performance, but it should be adequate to keep him around. I can understand the bloggers who call him “hot”.. in a kind of Joe Cocker-esque way. But his voice is a bit thin and I don’t see him sticking to end.

See? What do I know? They kept Zayra (who should kiss the feet… or whatever… of the band for letting her stay another week.)

Whatcha Doing Today? Getting the oil changed, filing a stack of paperwork, walking the dogs.

What’s on TV Tonight? RockStar Supernova, Project Runway.

Steps? 11300

Walking the Dog..

First, another shot from our walks. A small, shaped juniper.

My walks with Jake are interesting.. even when I’m confronted with extreme yard art. The route I normal take is out our door and to the right.. along the crest of the hill. I have a spot where we stop and I check my pedometer. How are my steps going? Do I need to go on? Usually the answer is yes.

Because of Google maps, I can scope out distances on the route.. and check the elevation change.
For the crest walk, there are two times when there is a 100 foot climb, and other smaller ups and down. A nice workout.

Today, we are heading in the opposite direction: downhill and slowly up. The elevation is a lot more demanding on this route..going down 220 feet in just over the first 1/2 mile. Most of the rest of the trip is spent working my way back up. Great for the heart rate…