RockStar SuperNova.. now there were 14

Yeah, I’m taking a break from blogging, but not from watching TV (this week). So wraps up are still being “Tivo- blogged.” This lets me fast forward through any of the chatter that I really don’t care for. (and it cuts a 1 hour show down to about 30 minutes of viewing time).

RSSN Elimination show:

First, I’m glad that Toby got the replay. I liked his rendition of the Somebody Told Me. Liked it Tuesday, and still liked it tonight.

Jill: Bring Me To Life the energy was good.. I liked most of the performance, but she was off-key during the final phrases. She’ll be safe tonight, but not here to the end.

Zayra: You Really Got Me. (Who do these kids know this song from? Is it really the Kinks version that was a hit when I was like in 8th grade? Who has covered it in the last 25 years?) A repeat of a song that got her voted to the bottom?? What was she thinking?? The performance was strange.. it looked like she decided to “give the band what they wanted” without really understanding WTF that was. The screaming, the weird gyrations (she looked spastic!!), it wasn’t an authentic performance. Frankly, it stunk.

Chris: If You Can Only See. It wasn’t the strongest performance, but it should be adequate to keep him around. I can understand the bloggers who call him “hot”.. in a kind of Joe Cocker-esque way. But his voice is a bit thin and I don’t see him sticking to end.

See? What do I know? They kept Zayra (who should kiss the feet… or whatever… of the band for letting her stay another week.)

Whatcha Doing Today? Getting the oil changed, filing a stack of paperwork, walking the dogs.

What’s on TV Tonight? RockStar Supernova, Project Runway.

Steps? 11300


One response to “RockStar SuperNova.. now there were 14

  1. I missed this last night. Where did they get the contestants for this show? Most go off key at some point in the song and never get back on. Also, it is beyond uncomfortable to actually watch them sing. the Wiggles come to mind.

    I usually close my eyes and listen–painfully and maybe peak every once in a while.

    The charming girl who told the Supernova guys that she was “wearing diapers” when they made their hits and can’t speak English all that well and certainly can’t sing–she can go home soon. Have no idea what her name is.

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