Prjoect Runway

First… Cheater Keith. Ya know, I’m not surprised. He just seemed too smooth and manipulative. Or that’s how they edited him!! I wonder if he didn’t make an outfit for the dog last week because he couldn’t figure out how to draft the patterns?

Second.. Angela winning a spot as team leader? Who saw that coming? Especially since she doesn’t sketch.

A curiosity: I’m noticing that a number of the forms have lines taped on them. Are these lines to help see design lines and pattern placements? Anyone know? Earlier this season I did notice several of the designers very carefully placing the tape lines.. so I’m just wondering.

During the work sessions:

I’m getting really tired of Vincent.. admired the way Laura reigned in Angela. “looking a little diaper-y”… does not bode well for Robert’s design!!

If a team of two can compete with teams of three… doesn’t that imply that those two are front runners for the final three?? Yes. I. Think. So.

The runway rundown:

Angela’s team: That was a cute outfit!! Everything fit and looked so modern. A considered lining, and those rosettes were the perfect detail.

Robert’s Team: what was with that COAT?? Oh. My. Goodness!! And the fit of the skirt was unreal.

Grandma goes to Safeway. It might have worked better if the model had taken out the jacket.

Keith’s Team:
Everything fit and looked great, but what was with that shirty thing hanging down over the pants?? Slippy.sloppy. Points off. The pants were fabulous!!

I can’t believe I’m writing this, but Angela should win. And did.

Going home: Bonnie. Although she can sew, I’m not sure her vision is hip enough to have lasted much longer.
Whatcha Doing Today? I hear my studio calling my name.

What’s on TV Tonight? Summer Sounds in the Park tonight!! Nothing worthwhile on TV

Steps? Wednesday: 12,659

Check out my other blog, where today I wrote about Five Bonuses of BlogHer.


2 responses to “Prjoect Runway


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  2. I am not a reality show fan but Project Runway is fun to watch…maybe it’s the creative process at work that I like. I agree Angela really made an amazing turn around on the last show. After her performance during the last team project I was wanting her off…glad to see she can create something wearable.

    P.S. Thank you for the Bloglines link!

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