Cute Shoes

I’ve written before that I one really bad toe. The bone spurs on my left “big toe” double the size of the joint, which makes it really hard to buy shoes. Especially cute shoes. To control the pain in the joint, I must wear unbending soles with good arch support and designed so that they don’t put pressure on this joint.

Try finding cute shoes that fit that bill!!

Today I DID!!

These fabulous wooden soled sandals fit my feet like they were custom-made! In one of my favorite colors. They look fabulous with my bootcut jeans and custom-dyed shirts!!

And look!! The detailing on the top is continued on the front of the insole part of the shoe! (that stain on the toe is water, don’t worry).

Best part? On sale for $10!

Whatcha Doing Today? Besides buying shoes and walking the dogs? Paper work. Ugh.

What’s on TV Tonight? Eureka. If you like quirky shows (like Northern Exposure), you must be watching this.

Steps? hangs head. I took my ped. off Sunday night and didn’t wear it yesterday. Today so far: 5706


2 responses to “Cute Shoes

  1. How lucky! The shoe gods smiled …

    You’re the second person of note to recommend Eureka. Must check it out. I really liked ‘Northern Exposure’ in its day.

  2. isn’t there anything medically you can do to your toe to ease the pain?

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