Ok. The guys who built this house used relatively inexpensive windows in them (ie. not a brand name like Pella or Hurd). The double-hung window panes had a plastic piece that locked them into the frames or allowed them to drop into the room to clean them. Plastic. On south-facing windows in a strongly sunny environment. With a “pin” to catch the pieces that was about 1/8″ thick and 1/4″ long.

They broke the second year we lived here. And nobody can find the company or a similar part so they can be appropriately fixed. We jerry-rigged a fix that usually holds pretty well.

When we returned from Illinois, however, one window had dropped into the room (fortunately not damaging the wooden blinds in front of it). It’s a really easy fix to simply screw another hook in, but the hook was missing.


The blinds are up there because we need to get a hook out of the garage to fix the window.

So who, besides the shpouser, could not correctly interrept the

Before you head upstairs to play more Ages of Empire on your computer, go out to the garage, get the piece needed and fix the window.


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