Someone Is Taunting Me

It happens every year when the tomatoes and apples are ripening the gardens.

I wake up, look out my back windows and spy the evidence that something has been eating out of the garden. Can you imagine an animal brazen enough to not only take food (heck, I understand.. they don’t recognize property lines and assume the fruits are theirs for the taking!) but to also leave it sitting half-eaten in full view of the world?

Nyah-nyah! I stole your food!!

I’m assuming it’s a racoon that does this (are they omnivores?). I still marvel, however, at the skill to pick the fruit in one place, then carry it up to a safer spot to munch it. As I’m writing this, a scrub jay is enjoying the remaindered fruits of the taunter’s labor.

CALORIES YESTERDAY? Didn’t track them all. My bad.
GOOD/BAD DECISION? Ya know.. I do eat healthier when I write down everything I eat. There is evidence that I haven’t eaten enough fruits or veggies. So not checking with FitDay was a bad move.

Whatcha Doing Today? Workout with Guido at 10 am. Run a couple errands and attend a wake this evening. Quiche and a salad for supper.


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