Hello Holidailies! 20 Things About Me

Thought I would explain a little bit about myself for anyone from Holidailies.


  1. am a middle-aged woman living in the suburbs with my spouser and our two dogs.
  2. love baseball. Hate most of the superstars. It’s a team sport after all.
  3. walk with the dogs almost every day.
  4. take photographs while we walk (the sidewalk series).
  5. am working on losing weight and getting healthier.
  6. am going to have a joint replacement in a couple months (a big toe, who knew??)
  7. live in California (SF East Bay).
  8. grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, and still cheer for those teams.
  9. spend way too much time alone.
  10. am a social liberal but a fiscal conservative. Does make me middle of the road?
  11. say I’m a quilter, but I haven’t made a piece since spring.
  12. think I’m really a crafter.
  13. read in the bathtub.
  14. usually alternate reading scifi and mysteries.
  15. like to cook but rarely take the time.
  16. can have a dry, sardonic sense of humor that people don’t get. Yeah, really dry.
  17. If I’m home, the tv is on. Usually loud enough to be heard anywhere in the house.
  18. write about crafts/hobbies/gardening/DIY for BlogHer
  19. visit zoos when I go to new towns.
  20. don’t wear jewelry or perfume. The spouser claims this makes it really hard to buy presents for me.

About the photo: Potted Plant. Part of the Sidewalk Series. As I said, I frequently take pictures while I’m walking my dogs. When walking around a neighborhood, my rule is: anything I photograph while standing on the sidewalk is fair game. I cannot move up onto the lawn or driveway to closer or to get a better angle. One day’s walk often yields a week’s worth of blog photos.

When you need inspiration for a blogpost during one of these month-long posting challenges, these snapshots of life around you are great inspiration.

Whatcha Doing Today? heading to the gym, walking the dogs, working on my ArtShare pieces.


One response to “Hello Holidailies! 20 Things About Me

  1. I like these “about me” posts.

    The last thing I quilted was one square for a calendar holder that I made. Was it quilting or crafting? Stitchcrafts of any sort – that’s my game… well, except crossstitch. That annoys me.

    I love the sidewalk series idea. Might have to try that. It would get me outta the house a little more.

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