My Tree. Part of “My Back Yard Series”. I altered the colors… we didnt’ have weather that was this weird.
Actually I’m playing around with using this image in my banner. Whatcha think?

My friend Karen, who’s recovering from surgery, lent me one of her Pfaffs until mine is out of the shop. It’s another 7550 just like mine, so I should be cooking with gas!! But today was taking up with running errands, so no time to sew. Tomorrow looks a lot more hopeful. I did get to the gym for a full hour of righteous sweating.

When real life maintainence items suck up your time, how do you compensate? Do you make intricate plans for the tomorrows that are as yet unsucked? Or rage against the sucking that is today?


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  1. I really like the pink and purple tree image!

  2. Raging against life’s suckitude may make you feel better temporarily, but I don’t find that it helps very much.

    I adopt a Zen attitude. Today sucked. Tomorrow will be better. Go on from here.

    Speaking of suckitude, Blogger Beta’s captcha DOES NOT WORK in Firefox. Neither the visual word nor the audio embed allows me to complete the verification. I had to do this from IE. From now on, I think I will email comments to you.

    Carol Logan Newbill
    (I have absolutely no idea what my Blogger password is.)

  3. Deb, I’m the Adopt A Sheep Australian farmer. Thank you for bloggin us. We have adopted more than 1000 of our 2500 sheep in just over a week! We are just so overwhelmed by the kindness of people who have ‘adopted’ sheep to help us feed them in the worst drought in living memory. And we owe a big debt of gratitude to people who have taken our story to their communities. We know there are many people more deserving than we are, but it’s hard to watch sheep going hungry. We now know we will be able to feed our flock well into the next 100 days. Thank you for your exceptional kindness. Our sheep sing your praises. (That’s right, sheep sing at night, but only if they think no human is around to overhear them. They were taught to sing on that Silent Night when choirs of angels sang in the heavens. The sheep of course were outdoors being watched by their shepherds, who slipped away to see the Holy Child in a nearby stable. It was while they were away that the sheep discovered their voices and sang for joy. Ever since then, sheep have quietly sung to themselves at night, when we are indoors, out of earshot.)

    Well, that’s what a wily old ram told me late one night when I couldn’t sleep.

    Michael Kiely

  4. Looks GREAT! I love pictures – I include at least 1 with each post in my blog.

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