Sorry for the quiet…

I’ve been working on being a better blogger… more chatty and engaged. However, I think I’m dealing with some holiday/gray day/ seasonal type of the blues. I’m stressing over things that usually roll off my back; I’m crying over commercials again.

And I really don’t care to exacerbate it by writing about it.. or try to get over it by ignoring it. But it’s so not something I want to make bloggable.

The sun was out today, and I got to spend time out in it. That a good night’s sleep and maybe I’ll be back to my cheery self soon. (fingers crossed).



4 responses to “Sorry for the quiet…

  1. Posting comments works for me on this site, as well. Doesn’t seem to be a problem at this point.

  2. Why not ride the wave and indulge it?
    I watched “Shakespeare In Love” and “City of Angels” Sunday afternoon and spilled a quart of liquid salt. Afterward, I was again ready to kick ass and take names.

  3. Ok.. so according to Deb, I should indulge that instinct to see We Are Marshall this weekend.

    I saw the preview when we saw Casino Royale.. I cried through the entire preview and the entire NEXT preview (a totally forgettable movie..)

  4. I can see and post here also. I’ve had problems with this blog in the past, but about 2-3 weeks ago it was okay. Not sure what was different since I typically log on at work and work within what parameters have been established.


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