Tale of The Scale: 1/2/07

A fabulous sunrise this morning. (this is an unedited image.. that was the color of the sky). Certainly a portent of a great year!!

OK, Tale of the Scale this week. No noticable changes since last week. The scale seems to be the same and the body measurements I took still show a total of 8″ loss. I’d be bummed, except my clothes are fitting better and my mood is definately improved.

Had a workout with Guido today; we worked out hard, and several times I knew I would have quit on my own. Guess what? He’s caught on to me.. and simply tells me I’m staying there until I do what I need to do. No excuses this year.

This will be so good for me.

The plan for this week:

  • continue eating 1500 calories or so a day (50% carbs; 25% protein; 25% fat).
  • aerobic workouts: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday.
  • weight training: Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday.
  • stability and balance: every friggin’ day.

2 responses to “Tale of The Scale: 1/2/07

  1. Mandi aka Fabric Princess

    Good for you for sticking with it! I have just a tiny bit of advice, for what it’s worth…avoid the scale. I’ve been dieting for several years now (well, I lost the weight and am now in “maintenance”) and the biggest way to defeat yourself is to check the scale too much and then beat yourself up or feel totally hopeless. I try to do it only once a month. But it’s like fighting an addiction…once you give in it’s hard to give up!

  2. What an AMAZING sky! Great catch. I could look at it for hours. It’s so calming.

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