Where I attack wierd energy with the Walk and get outta here

The last couple days (since Wednesday I think…) I’ve had rather sudden and odd “attacks” of strange nervous energy. I’ll be walking, cleaning, gardening, do whatever, and suddenly I get hit with a strange nearly panicky feeling. BANG! I’m suddenly edgy and prowling around trying to figure out how to calm down.

I can’t figure out anything in my life that might be causing these. And they don’t really feel like a part of me. More like someone else’s energy has decided to come disturb me. (have I mentioned that there are people with whom I seem to be closely connected psychically?) Whoever this shit belongs to? Thanks for sharing!! NOT. Wherever this energy is coming from can someone please explain this? Or just leave me the F alone?? This energy is distracting and quite disconcerting.

Today I suddenly became so intensely discomforted. I took the dogs for a walk.. no help there. I couldn’t concentrate or settle down. So although today was a rest day, I headed into the gym. Forty-five minutes on the treadmill with my MP3 player pouring hard rock into my head. My legs were crampy, but I was calmer afterward.

Later this afternoon, I talked to the volunteer coordinator at The RAC. I’ve got an appointment for orientation and paperwork next Wednesday. I think one afternoon a week getting out of the house will be good for me.

And that strange energy? Not coming along.


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