Tale of the Scale: 2/25

The weight is finally coming off!

As of this morning, I have lost 13.5#! Before you get way too excited, this is since October. According to the “planned weight” chart in my FitDay program, I should be at about 10 to 12 pounds lighter, but I know there are reasons that the loss was stalled for a long while, so I’m OK.

Anyway, I could be wearing a smaller size of jeans but why buy new jeans that I’ll only be wearing for a couple months? Instead I’m wearing a belt (for the first time in my life!!) to keep the jeans up and will wait until they are completely falling off me before I replace them. Or maybe a trip to GoodWill will soon be in order?

The other sign of physical progress is that I bought a new bra in a smaller band size. (yay!!). I really want to go down a cup size (or two?) and hopefully eliminate getting mammo retests because they can’t read the fat tissue accurately. I am going to trust that this WILL happen.

My second workout last week with Guido was cancelled; he has a family member in the hospital and has been most of his time there and not at the gym. I was kind of bummed at the time, but you really can’t complain because someone is dedicated to his family. So we’ll be playing our schedule kind of loose until things are resolved. Good thing; this week is pretty filled already.

Today was a disaster in the gym. I couldn’t focus and it was way too crowded. Normally this is a Guido day, and I was miserably ineffective on my own. After a half-hearted half-hour I changed clothes and headed home. Didn’t even get sweaty enough to shower.

Plans for the week:
Tuesday: elliptical and core/balance moves
Wednesday: treadmill, arms,shoulders,back weight machines/ core/balance moves.
Thursday: elliptical, core/balance moves, lower body.
Friday: rest
Saturday: rest


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