Tale of the Scale: 3/5/07

First thing first: down about another pound and a half to 141#.

I am almost to my half-way weight; the point where I will give myself permission to buy 2 new pairs of jeans and give away the 4 pairs I currently own. (I only hope I can find an appropriate rise. Lower is better with my short waist).

Had a lower body work out with Guido today, but I my muscles (and I) were exhausted before the hour ran out, so it was short. Still, I’m going to feel it in the morning.

I’m registering for Bay To Breakers, so on at least one pure Cardio days, I’ll be walking outside instead of the gym.. getting hills and distance into the mix as long the weather allows.

Plan for the week:

Monday: Cardio, stability, lower body
Tuesday: Cardio and stability.
Wednesday: Cardio, arms and shoulders, stability.
Thursday: Cardio/ work out with Guido.
Friday: stability/ rest
Saturday: rest
Sunday: Cardio/ upper body, stability

2 responses to “Tale of the Scale: 3/5/07

  1. You are just ROCKIN’! Good for you! I love how much you are working out. Only good can come of that!

  2. yerdoingitwrong

    GOOD for you!! You’re doing great. I need to get to the gym. I just returned to work after maternity leave and I signed up for the gym in my office building. Now I just need to be diligent about going!! And stop drinking so many caloric Starbucks beverages!!

    Have a great weekend. =)

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