Twittering Away….

This wild turkey lives in the woods behind our house. Taken with major digital zooming.

I’ve been playing with Twitter for about a week now. I swear I don’t know why. It’s just folks writing what they are doing at that moment. You are limited to 140 characters (letters, punctuation or spaces).

So if a blog is like a short story, Twitter is a running haiku.

If you find folks you know (close, distant, work, friends, business, etc.) you can make them your twitter-friends and find out what they are doing. Who’s eating what, when? What they watch on TV or listen to on the radio. What’s the weather like AT THAT MOMENT.

It’s oddly addictive, but not intrusive. Maybe that’s it??

And then there is TwitterVision… just watch the twitter-bubbles rising from the world map…

Anyway, if you twitter away..I am darinhercules @ Twitter.


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