Wednesday’s A Winner

Color Saturated Sunset, April 10, 2007

Tuesday was fairly normal day until sometime between 2 and 3 pm.

I woke up (and for the first time in ages remembered I’d dreamed), found a cool story to write for BlogHer, fed the dogs, did some straightening up.

Late morning workout. I was so good. I admitted that I will not do abs on my own (I hate abs!!), so now they will be a regular part of my training sessions. Guido will not let me out of doing the hated abs!!

Home from gym for lunch, check some email and some sewing. Then take the dogs for a walk. Time for change.

When we returned to my car at the end of the walk, I had been vandalized!

Some punk kids had smashed the driver’s backseat window in and took one item from the car. For the record: they did not steal the money in the car; they did not steal the CDs in the car; they did not steal the wallet stashed in the glove compartment (or the credit card); they did not steal the car registration (useful info there for identity theft)!

They stole a backpack I use when I take the dogs for long walks. In it: a couple old tennis balls and some canine waste disposal bags. SURPRISE!!

The police report has been filed. The insurance claim has been made. The broken glass will be replaced sometime this morning.

Edit: Later Wednesday morning. While I commented that I’m glad they didn’t break the rear window of my stationwagon, I just realized something key: if they had broken that window, I’d have a rear window sans inches of dog snot!

The policeman who took the report suggested that after the window is fixed, I take the car in to be detailed as they might be able to vacuum most of the glass out of the secret hiding places it’s in now. Maybe they would be able to scrape that dog snot off, too.

Hey, spouser… how about an early birthday present of a professional detailing??

Looks like I have the perfect time to start packing for AQC.


3 responses to “Wednesday’s A Winner

  1. Re: smashed car window.
    Same thing just happened to my rear side window. Perhaps the vandals saw my car alarm light blinking, as they did not gain access into the car.

    So – I was – lucky???
    Window replaced, insurance contacted, all that good stuff.

    But….Oh bother!
    The worse part was feeling – violated. Things like this creep me out – for weeks afterwards…

  2. Oh Baffle, I am so glad it was not my rear window!! I drive a station wagon and keep the dogs in the back portion. Had that window broken, I’d have been driving home with crazy dogs in the people part of my car!! And hatch windows are way so expensive!!

    I don’t feel violated, though. I was the FOURTH person in line at the Police station filing a car vandalized report Tuesday afternoon. The kids of my hometown are crazy this spring@!!

  3. Wow! What a hassle, but I’m so glad they didn’t get any of the important stuff. And happy to know it didn’t deter your AQC trip. Hope you have a great time & I look forward to see all the fun stuff.

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