Tale of the Scale, 4/23

Well, darn it all! I’m not sure if I’ve gained any weight (I think I have), but I certainly didn’t lose anything.

Not surprising I guess given that I spent 5 days at the Claremont last week, eating food made with too much butter and cream. And not working out all that hard.

I got home on Wednesday and worked out Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, then my typical Sunday workout. Today my legs felt tired, so I’m taking the day easy. Took the dogs for a nice walk, but that’s it. Let’s hope that I’m building more lean muscle and not just working at equilibrium. (damn, I’m working too hard to be at equilibrium!!)

Plan for this week:
Tuesday: workout with Guido
Wednesday: cardio and core
Thursday: workout with Guido
Friday/Saturday: rest days.

I started tracking my food intake again, paying attention to total calories and (most importantly for me) fat intake. Others have a problem with sugar or simple carbs.. me? It’s fat.

Hopefully I break out of this soon!


One response to “Tale of the Scale, 4/23

  1. Hi Deb, carb junkie here. Today was my first work out. I feel pretty good. I spent last 2 weeks getting up to speed on the treadmill to gain a little stamina. All in all I think it’s really great. No Guido but a very strong woman who works me hard…the worst part for me is giving up the bagel and cream cheese…seriously

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