Good bye, So Long.. Auf Weidersehen…

Ok, Folks. The computer is bound for it’s stay at the “spa”.. and I’m within days of winging it to our cruise.

This is it for blog posts until the end of June, unless I break down and find an internet cafe sometime between here and there. (there’s a coffee shop with free internet at the bottom of my hill. wonder how long until I walk down there and use it?).

We shall see….


2 responses to “Good bye, So Long.. Auf Weidersehen…

  1. Just back from my travels. Have a fabulous time! I know some folks blogs while holidaying, but I don’t. I want to live it, breathe it, eat it, experience it, without thinking of anything else. Do what suits you, just do it without guilt!

  2. Hi Deb I’m newbie over at blogher and just checking out who and what going on.
    Yes, we need a lot of work done in America and world wide.
    Anyhow I’ve never been to internet cafe any how maybe I should check one out for the experience.

    Stop on over at my blog for a cup of coffee.

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