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Tale of the Scale: 7/31

Weight this morning: 125#. Unchanged from last week.

Damn! Considering that for 4 days I ate what was served me and the only exercise I got was walking, I’m considering this a successful week.

I’m still taking things easy because of this cough/cold thing I have. Last week I cancelled my session with Guido, but did get in for one personal workout. It felt so good to get those muscles working. But after today’s session, Guido told me to stay tomorrow and continue to rest and heal. Imagine a trainer telling you to NOT workout.

So my weekly plan is a bit up in the air:

Wednesday: no gym. Walk the dogs and gently do some floor exercises at home. Take lots of vitamin C and think about making some chicken soup.

Thursday: workout with Guido. If I’m still feeling less-than 100%, it will be a lighter workout; if I’m feeling healed, he’s going to push me.

Friday: cardio and atability.

Saturday: rest.

Sunday: hopefully get back on schedule.


Second Season…

You can tell that it’s the second half of the baseball season. Well, you can tell if you’re a baseball fan.

Not only do you look at the scores for your favorite team (Go Tribe!!), but also any team that they are competing with for a place in the play-offs (Curse You, Tigers!)

And I become also stalkerly about visiting Babes Love Baseball.

Tale of the Scale: 7/18

Weight: down another pound in weight.

I gotta admit, when I look in the mirror, I wonder where this weight is coming from. I STILL have a way-too-thick-middle-layer of fat. It’s frustrating because I have finally have muscles under that layer and nobody can see it!

I’m getting to that end-of-patience place again. I really want to see something rewarding for all my work. Ah, well, that is not the way of life.

Had a great personal work out on Sunday. Did 30 minutes of cardio, some abs and core, then major upper body weight work. I finished up the way I have been lately: 10 more minutes of cardio to wrap it up. About five minutes into that final sweat-fest (using the elliptical with both arm and legs going…) my upper body suddenly said:


The best reward for hard work.

Tuesday workout emphasized a lot of balance work (and I need that) plus an easy full-body workout. Today I did cardio, triceps, abs, and core. Tomorrow’s plan is only in Guido’s notebook, but it will be a challenge.

And joy of joys! There are a number of us BlogHers who write about working out. We are all going to get together have a major BlogHer Gym Experience (watch out Chicaco!) at some point while we’re attending the conference next week. I’m looking forward to learning some new tricks!!

Don’t blame me for this silliness. It’s all Pam Beancounter’s fault!! And, look!! I’m worth more than she is!!

$4025.00The Cadaver Calculator – Find out how much your body is worth. From Mingle2 – Free Online Dating

Good luck at trying to cash that sum in, though!

Windy Wednesday..

Realizing that my blogs show a lack of local “color” (I haven’t been taking photos every day).. I went out Wednesday to correct that situation.

Took photos of the one baby pom growing on my bush.

Took photos of the lillies blooming by my door.

Took photos of the flower garden as a whole.

But, you know.. when the wind is gusting to 25 MPH there is no way that a camera can keep a moving object in the tight focus needed.

I got fuzzy poms, out of frame lillies, and a garden blowing away from me.

Ya’ll will just have to wait for a slightly calmer day.

Tale of the Scale: 7/10

Weight is about 127-128# at my home scale. When I head into the gym, several hours later, it’s up to 136#. Let’s just say, it makes nobody happy. I’d love to see one of “weights and measures” tests done with the weight I see in the morning. Heck, I’d love to see myself lean up some more. My weight is good for frame but you can look at me and know that there is still fat to burn.

We are all confused.

I’m having a small set back at the moment. In June, for no good reason I can determine, my left thigh started tightening up when doing my cardio. And not relaxing even after stretching. I wore a neoprene sleeve for several days and it felt better; then we went on our cruise.

This last week or so it’s beginning again. So I’m having to back down on the intensity of my cardio or risk not being able to continue with other exercises. It’s not my blood chemistry; just got the test back, and that’s fine. It’s not that I’m stretching. It’s not the machine; I’m using the elliptical is is really the gentlest on joints and muscles and such.

At this point, I’m beginning to think it’s shoes. That my left shoe is allowing too much wiggle movement and throwing everything off. I can’t do balance moves with them on; I seem completely unable to plant my weight down stably on my foot. It wobbles and rolls.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll head to the mall (shudder) and see if there is a solution there.

Summer Family Fun, A Review

The following is a sponsored post.

The Resources Center is a new website that offers easy solutions and tips to help all of us manage the different parts of our life from health to investments. Among some of the most challenging things to manage are family activities during the summertime. I was asked to read and review the offerings there.

The first two articles were in anticipation of the Fourth of July: suggestions for preparing a bicycle for a parade, and a personal fireworks poster. I found the recommendations written here to be much too basic to be helpful. This instruction is a prime example:

How To Steps For Turning A Bike Into a Personal Float

Your Activity Steps

1.Decorate your bike with the different colors of streamers.
2.Use the tape to attach each streamer and the scissors to cut the streamers.
3.You can sometimes create streamers by pushing a bit of streamers in the handle bar grip end where there is a hole. These streamers will float when you ride your bike.

Perhaps if the author had instructed the reader to weave the streamers through the bike’s spokes, even providing an appropriate photo, it might have been worth reading. As it stands, these articles were too spare to spend much time on.

Projects become a bit more interesting in the next post: Five Summer Activities for Kids and Parents. This post offers: a memory stepping stone, a memory box (same idea, different medium), a shiny family journal (beginning bookmaking), decorating a mailbox, and a photo memory pillowcase. The writing is still amateurish, but the ideas are solid crafty stand-bys that former summer-campers would remember and could use without much instruction. A good thing as the instructions are again not very helpful.

The next post suffers from formatting irregularities and continues with the poor writing. This is a pity because Safety Tips for a Fun Day at the Beach or Pool is an article that many parents could use if there was more in depth information provided. The unidentified author suggests:

Before you head out to the beach or pool, research the area and the facility.Things to look for are:

* Are there restrooms or changing rooms?
* Are lifeguards on duty?
* Is there a concession stand or restaurant in the area?

However, there are no suggestions about how a parent is supposed to do this research. Can it always be done by an internet search, and should this be trusted? Is it better to call and speak to the proprietor? Rely on recommendations of friends? These necessary extentions to the written suggestion are all lacking and would turn a so-so post into an article to which others might regularly refer.

The rest of the articles under this “Summer Family Fun” section follow much the same pattern. The suggestions all read as ideas I could find at a number of other parenting websites with better instruction and writing. I wanted to find something encouraging at this newish website but I honestly couldn’t.

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