Tale of the Scale: 7/18

Weight: down another pound in weight.

I gotta admit, when I look in the mirror, I wonder where this weight is coming from. I STILL have a way-too-thick-middle-layer of fat. It’s frustrating because I have finally have muscles under that layer and nobody can see it!

I’m getting to that end-of-patience place again. I really want to see something rewarding for all my work. Ah, well, that is not the way of life.

Had a great personal work out on Sunday. Did 30 minutes of cardio, some abs and core, then major upper body weight work. I finished up the way I have been lately: 10 more minutes of cardio to wrap it up. About five minutes into that final sweat-fest (using the elliptical with both arm and legs going…) my upper body suddenly said:


The best reward for hard work.

Tuesday workout emphasized a lot of balance work (and I need that) plus an easy full-body workout. Today I did cardio, triceps, abs, and core. Tomorrow’s plan is only in Guido’s notebook, but it will be a challenge.

And joy of joys! There are a number of us BlogHers who write about working out. We are all going to get together have a major BlogHer Gym Experience (watch out Chicaco!) at some point while we’re attending the conference next week. I’m looking forward to learning some new tricks!!


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