Playing with Web MD.

I first got a head cold on July 20th. It was getting better within a week, when it decided to settle in my throat with a dry, hacking cough. This past week, it’s added swollen glands too. It hasn’t gotten better, and I’m trying to decide if I should call the doctor tomorrow for a visit.

yes, I am going to call.

Anyway in an (uh-hum) effort to be better prepared for this visit, I decided to use WebMDs Symptom checker to see if a trip to doc might be a waste a time. (I was inspired by a recent episode of The Closer. Poor Brenda appears to be entering peri-menopause. Her entire crew is in danger!) Entered my symptoms as best as as could:

cough; tender,swollen glands; sore throat; stiff neck; hoarse voice. I didn’t get the chance to enter that I’m really low energy.

The top likely conditions are:

Viral pharyngitis (duh! that’s a sore throat)
Common Cold (unlikely after 24 days… I think).
Strep Throat (where I’m placing my money).

sounds reasonable all, but then they go on to suggest:
spinal meningitis
indoor allergens
Swollen glands (well, again, duh!! I told them I had swollen glands. the question is why??)
asceptic meningitis
chemical pneumonia
congestive heart failure
lung cancer

Well, I guess they covered all the bases. The only thing they missed is Stress.

I’ll take bets in comments on what you think the doc will decide!


2 responses to “Playing with Web MD.

  1. The indoor allergens sticks out in my mind, only because I have allergies and the last time I had a cold, I could not shake the dry hacking cough – because of my allergies.

    Plus, I was sitting next to you at the AOL luncheon and your cough sounded a lot like mine did. :)

    But I’m not a doctor. So, good luck when you go!

  2. Valerie,

    Thanks. If it weren’t for the persistent swollen glands, I’d vote for allergic bronchitis, too. But I’ve never had these swollen glands without some kind of infection. To me, it’s just a question of where? and whether viral or bacterial…

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