Creating Our Personal Fields of Dreams

We know the movie. Ray Kinsella hears voices encouraging him to do a very risky thing: build a baseball diamond in his corn field. The disembodied voice pushes forward:

If you build it, he will come.
Ease His Pain.
Go The Distance.

While talking to the character, Terry Mann, Kinsella admits that he regrets never having a last catch with father. The movie ends with a very young John Kinsella and Ray, his son, having that last catch. In Iowa. Or Heaven.

Shoeless Joe points out that all these risks and all the rewards that came from taking that first step were designed for this very moment to occur. To create an opportuniy for Ray to ease his own pain. To save his farm and care for his family is a most unique way.

The movie is really about one man having the courage to take risks and grow into a healed, happy more complete person.

There are times when we are living our perfectly normal and regular lives that something jolts us out of our comfort zone. It might be a realization that we are so far from the life we imagined. It might be a diagnosis of an illness. It might be a quiet voice in our head saying something we don’t really want to hear.

Those are the moments when we are offered an opportunity to change. A chance to move beyond what has been our humdrum lives into our more authentic LIFE. Like Ray, we need to courage to imagine our dreams, to believe that we can heal, and to move forward.

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