Tale of the Scale: 11/21

weight: 124#

Next Wednesday I meet Guido for a weigh-in and measures. He doesn’t know it yet, but it will be the last time we do this for tracking my weight loss. Whatever the numbers say, this is the end.

I am not giving up on eating healthy.

I am not giving up on exercise hard.

I am not giving up on posting “tales of the scale”.

I am giving up trying to figure out a what is a mystery to me that nobody seems able to help me with. I am giving up in frustration and anger. But I am giving up.

I eat a very healthy diet: a breakfast of steel-cut oats with soymilk and fruit; a lunch of salad and soup, or rice and veggies, or whole-grain bread and turkey; a similar supper occasionally with 3-5 oz. of lean protein added. I snack on fresh fruits and the occasional whole grain snack (crackers or the rare popcorn).

My “goal” portions are 60% carbs (200gr), 22% protein (74gr), and 18% fat(27gr). Half-way through the day I am always way too low on the carbs and nearing 100% on the fat. I add a food that to me should be all carbs and fiber… did you know if you eat a large apple or a large banana it has 1 gram of fat?

Nobody has been able to answer my specific question: how do I get enough carbs in my diet (and make them palatable…) without getting too much fat in my diet? That healthy looking oatmeal and silk milk? 6 grams of fat.. 1/3rd of what I’m allowed in a day and I didn’t add any fat to the meal. We’re talking Bob’s Red Mill Oatmeal and Silk Unsweetened Soymilk! Add a banana to that and I’m doomed!

Anyway, I’ve reached my breaking point. And not for the first time. This is the very worst time of year for me (can I please just hybernate until the first football game begins on New Year’s Day?), and I just don’t need to beat myself up about trying to solve this by myself.

I need somebody to write out a plan I will use that answers my question. I know it must be some small tweak, but I’m tired of trying to do this alone. I have lost nearly 40# by making minor tweaks in my diet and by working hard. I’m not as lean as I could be, but at this point it’s either going to happen naturally or it’s not.

Because I’m done.

I also blog at: A Stitch In Time throughout the week and BlogHer on Mondays and Saturdays.


3 responses to “Tale of the Scale: 11/21

  1. you looks great and you are eating great too!
    you could go see a nutritionist tho if you have questions about your diet tho.

    i didn’t realize that apples have fat… bummer!!

  2. Deb, you need fat. Everyone needs SOME fat. I think you’re UNDERestimating the most recent miracle you’ve wrought with yourself, the weight loss. It is difficult, and it makes no sense. As someone who’s been through it multiple times, I know this. And I applaud you, and beg you to go easier on you. You deserve it.

    Besides, a gram of fat from an apple versus, say, a Cinnabon? There has to be a difference.

    Don’t hibernate. You need to be out there walking proud! You inspire me, anyway.

    xoxo – laurie : )

  3. Deb, I am not an expert by any means but when I lost all my weight my trainer had me eating five small meals a day and kept my carb count to 50 grams a day. Even good carbs convert to some type of sugar which holds on to fat. It is hard this time of year but you might give it a try.

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