The Stars Say… Change and Challenges in 2008

I’m not even sure HOW to react to these two astrologicial forecasts for this year. Excited? Scared? What’s Astrology Know Anyway? I’m abbreviating these, keeping the links so I can check back, and posting the most “interesting” stuff here.

BTW, KT is the one who last year said that my year would be focused on fitness and diet. She called it right, then. When I read what she said about this year, I was both excited and scared shitless!

And for 2008 she says

Big changes loom for Cancer in relationships and resources. It’s out with the old and in with the new. Remember, not all change is painful!

Keywords: security , finances , shifting relationships
Sweet Spot: Changes in your relationships bring immediate benefits.
Sore Spot: Siblings, neighbors and local travel could be problematic this year.


Your need for safety and privacy has always been paramount, Cancer, and you do everything you can to feel secure. Whether due to your upbringing, your values or simply an inner urge to line your nest, you always strive to take care of yourself and your loved ones. Get ready for 2008, then, because this year will sorely test your security needs in two important areas: your relationships and your finances.

Now, you’re probably thinking, ‘Oh, is that all?!’ — but fear not. Whether you realize it or not, you’re ready for a change. And as a person who is — how to put this delicately? — attached to the status quo, your reactions to these transformations will determine both their severity and their outcome. Remember, clinging to the past will only make things worse.

In the Relationships Department:

Your relationships are due for an overhaul, Cancer, and in 2008, Pluto will act as your celestial mechanic. When it comes to your personal relationships, it’s out with the old and in with the new. Not all your current connections will end, but your needs and expectations within relationships are changing, and at least a few secrets will be exposed through the course of this process. You’re embracing a new level of honesty and vulnerability in your personal connections, and anyone in your life who doesn’t follow suit could find themselves out in the cold.

Your most solid relationships will not only survive this period of upheaval, they’ll strengthen and deepen as a result. Any connections that don’t survive simply weren’t meant to be, and you’re better off without them. Expect this sort of issue to peak around April 2 and September 9. Above all, try not to let these impending changes lead to pessimism. Jupiter is your friend in 2008, bringing blessings to your love life and other relationships. Under this planet’s optimistic influence, any changes you make in your personal and professional partnerships will lead to noticeable improvements, including fresh opportunities and exciting new contacts, so stay alert for new possibilities in both business and romance.

Then Phyllis Firak-Mitz.… the astrologer that Laurie at CrazyAuntPurl recommended says:

YOU are in for a big time this 2008! Your life can easily get “bigger” as significant opportunities, impressive relationships and spectacular trips are among the exciting activities Jupiter might bring you. Sure you might have to “leave home” in some way or another in order to enjoy your coming bounty, but it’ll be worth it!

I swear I read a longer 2008 forecast from her, but darned if I can find it. Still both make it sound like it’s going to be an interesting year this year. Stayed tuned for details.

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