A Love Letter To My Body

Dearest Body of Deb,

I haven’t told you recently – ever? – that I love you. You make me possible yet I take you granted. I’m sorry.

In the past I have felt disdain for you. You were thicker, shorter, skinnier, fatter, weaker, tighter, looser, lighter, darker than I desired. You were out of control, too slow or too fast in responding. At times, I could not trust you.

In the past I have felt betrayed by you: You have poor eyesight and bad bloodfats. You have a brain that did not respond well to the female hormones you created. You have allergies. You have tendons that tend to inflame.

Still, in 55 years, 7 months, and 14 days you have never stopped being there for me.

So, today I celebrate your better qualities and make promises to you:

You possess a brain still capable of learning new things. I promise to regularly challenge this capability with physical and mental tasks that make this brain grow and live!

You possess strong bones. I promise to provide you with calcium to stay strong and the weight bearing exercises to keep these strong.

You possess strength. I promise to continue challenging that strength.

You posses energy. I promise to try and give you 8 hours rest each night.

You possess health. I promise to champion your health with the foods and medications that make it possible.

You possess a voice. I promise to use it for good. And to sing every so often to make it happy.

You possess a heart. I promise to fill it with joy and caring.

I also blog at: A Stitch In Time throughout the week and BlogHer on Mondays and Saturdays.


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