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Really only of interest to the gals

About 5 years ago, I was within hours of a needle biopsy for a mysterious spot on my left breast. The radiologist would find the spot, then lose it again (you’ve heard this before, I’m sure). The final conclusion was a lump of fat that would fold over on itself.

When I started losing weight.. oh, 16 months ago?… one of my goals was to lose of that fat in my breasts. I had spent years as a 34B-34C. Growing to a 40DD was NOT something that made me happy.

I seem to finally be losing fat in my boobs. (‘Bout damn time).

I bought myself a couple new bras a couple months ago; the fitter assured me I was a 34 band.. but the measurements still made me a D cup. Yeah.. it’s smaller than I was, but at the same time, it wasn’t.

This week, almost suddenly, there seems to be a lot of extra room in those molded cups. Maybe a cup size smaller? Now I’m trying to figure out if there’s a way to “take in” these bras. I hate the idea of replacing them so soon, but I love the idea of needing to replace them.

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Tale of the Scale: Real World Workout

Every Saturday evening or Sunday morning, I plan out my week. What are my commitments, where do I need to go? How will I get 2 days rest in a row but not more?

That last one is more challenging than it sounds.

This week, I hit the gym on Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday morning, I contemplated heading into the gym; a simple walk around the house had my body complaining: Have you heard of rest, lady? With plans for Friday and Saturday, it looked like I would go three days without a workout.

That 3 day break makes me edgy. Actually, I worry about committing mayhem and murder. I could argue it’s justifiability, but would a judge “get it”? “Your Honor, I just had to push something!! HARD!!!”

Fortunately, it is spring in Northern California and my garden needs some word done: beds need turning, plants need pruning, compost needs spreading, garden waste needs hauling. Yeah, this is steady-paced work, not the intensity of what I do in the gym.

Re-read that list of work: there is squatting, pushing, pulling. There is moving in all directions. There are challenges to limbs and the constant requirement to engage the core. Because it isn’t as intense, I can work longer. Because it’s not as intense, it doesn’t feel like work.

Add sunshine to that. It’s all good!

So until I’ve worked my way through all my spring chores, I’ll be adding an almost daily dose of real-world working out to my plans. Wonder what this will do to those rest days?

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Tale of the Scale: Move It or Give It Up

Note to the idiots in the gym:

A gym is a place to work out. That means you should be walking, running, biking, pushing, pulling, squatting, lunging or whichever verb you choose to use that indicated ACTION. Yes, there are rest periods between sets when you are not actually moving something. These rest periods, however, should last for only a minute or two. Most of the time you should be active.

A gym is also a place of finite resources. There are only so many benches, and fewer incline benches. There is only of each machine, and limited spaces on the cable bar machines. There are often only one set of dumb bells for each weight setting.

So the thoughtful and polite person respects that others work in the gym WITH them. The thoughtful person does not hog equipment. They use it or give it up.

I’ve seen several completely thoughtless people in the last couple weeks. I am wishing them completely frustration (or on a bad day a different punishment) because of their behavior.

Example #1. I wanted the 20# hand weights and I really wanted the incline bench. There are actually 2-3 set of these weights floating around the gym, but this particular day there was only one set back in the weight section. They were on the floor in front of an incline bench where a young woman was sitting resting her feet on the weights. She was using the bench as a chair; she was using the weights as a foot rest. She was using her phone.

I waited a bit on my flat bench, hoping she would either use the equipment or give it up. Finally I gave up, grabbed the 17.5# weights, reclined on the flat bench and got my workout in. When I finished, about 10 minutes later she was STILL sitting on the bench, feet on the weights playing with her phone. May she drop a weight and break her fingers.

Example #2: Occurred last week. This time I wanted the 15# weights and once again there was only 1 set on the entire floor. (how does this happen? Everyone uses the 15# weights! There are 3-4 sets of these yet they regularly seem to vanish). The couple using them as part of a complex set of movements had stopped to chat. And chat. And chat.

This time I asked if I could have while they visited; the woman agreed that they might stop talking and get back to their workout. She’d give me the 15# set when she finished. Instead, I grabbed the 20#ers.. and got my workout in with heavier weights than I’d intended to use. I completing my final set when walked over and placed the lighter weights down next me. Gee, thanks. I did use them later for some bicep curls, so I guess I’m happy I eventually got them!

Isn’t it just common courtesy, though, to notice how you fit into a whole and make adjustments so that the everyone gets the most from limited resources?

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Tale of the Scale: week of 3/2

I spent the first weekend in March at the beach with some friends. Two long walks on Saturday, one on Sunday were great restoratives for soul and mind. They didn’t do my legs any harms either.

Monday I did a simple leg workout on my own. I was a bit disappointed in myself; I set the weights at a level where it possible to do 3 sets of 15 reps on each machine. I was feeling the burn by the end of the 2nd and 3rd set, but I go through them. Which means I set the weights too light. I let myself off easy instead of challenging myself to go a bit further.

There is something about increasing weights that scares me. It makes my chest tighten and breathe catch. I don’t trust myself. When I push through and accomplish something, I feel proud. Wish I could remember that emotion when I’m dithering with 30# or 35#?

When my confidence and trust in myself is low at all, it shows in my workout. The physical becomes a manifestation for the mental. Hmm.. Another way to attack my confidence issues.

My workout Wednesday with Guido was all stability and balance. I was a bit unhappy at the end, because my body didn’t feel pushed to the limit. However, I’d begun the day feeling very raw and emotional and on the edge. The concentration involved in having to balance for the better part of an hour pushed my brain to another place. I was more focused when I left the gym.

Another piece of the puzzle. I know hitting the cardio HARD when I’m feeling that uncertainty and edginess helps, now I’ve got real memory that balance work can be a tool then, too. OK, I’m checking out the yoga classes!

As part of my Shake It Up challenge, I’ve had 2 workouts in the late afternoon this week. Today I’m surprising my body by showing up a day later, but less than 24 hours later. So far, all the effects of this have been mental and not physical. Still not a waste.

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