Finding Balance

Erin over at Lose the Buddha asked about finding balance in our workout obsessions. She’s working with a trainer, learning to love pushing weights, but wondering not that the weather is getting nice how she can balance her weight training and her running. Without losing either one.

She also doesn’t seem to have comments enabled, so I can’t have a conversation with her over there.

Pah. She’ll just have to come here to continue the conversation.

How do I find balance in my workout routine? I am not a runner, in fact almost all of my fitness activities occur within the confines of the gym. At the moment, I am hitting the gym 3-4 days a week and trying to keep each visit to an hour, hour and half max. So there is competition for my workout time:

Cardio needs to be done 20-30 minutes on each of those trips.
Stability work needs to be practiced. These are usually floor exercises using a swiss ball, medicine ball, stretch bands and maybe some light weights. This should be about 25% of the work I do a week.
Weight training.

A full body weight training routine takes me about an hour. I try to get this done 3 time a week, but sometimes it works out that a 4x upper/lower body split works better.

It all depends on rest days. I hate having 3 rest days in a row, and sometimes I my real life schedule dictates that I work out 4 times or bow to that third rest day. I usually take the workout.

Balance in the workout is something I’m still learning about, but it’s interesting. How do you find balance?

I also blog at: A Stitch In Time throughout the week and BlogHer on Mondays and Saturdays.


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