Workout: The BOB

I usually do this workout late in the week, when I know I’ll have a full two days to recover.  It’s not one I’ve seen written up anywhere, and it really needs a companion workout The FOB.  The BOB is a workout that targets the entire Back of the Body.  It’s best if you can do it in a push/pull manner, but when the gym is busy, I take the moves however the equipment allows.

First: Assisted Dips.  Find a assist weight that challenges you but let’s you do reps of 15/12/8. For a stable/unstable workout pair with foot pushes, or another balance move.

Second: Back Extensions.  15/15/15.  Any variation you favor.  Going unstable?  Stretchy-band tricep pushups on one foot.  10 each foot.

Third: Leg Extensions: 15/15/15  Do not go too heavy here.  Concentrate on finishing the move.

Back on our feet for the Fourth: One Footed/ One Armed Cable Rows. 15/15/15 each side.  Alternate paired sides (r arm/r leg) and opposite sides (r arm/l left).  Going more unstable? Pair with one footed tricep pull downs.

Fifth: Leg Press.  I’m still doing one leg here to get the strength up, but choose your own poison.  Going unstable? Pair with a balance move.

Sixth: Lat Pull Down.  Because of the arthritis in my one shoulder, I tend to do these in drop-weight fashion.  Heavy for 5-8; drop weight, increase reps.  At 20#, it’s until I hit functional fairure.

Remember to stretch during rest periods and treat yourself to a good stretch (or foam roll) afterwards.  Then hit the showers.  We’ve earned it.


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