Wishing I’d Taken Advantage

I was doing an upper body workout yesterday.  Nothing too remarkable.  I’d done a poor job on my incline-bench chest presses, but gone on to do accomplish my goals for the other exercises in my routine.  At the end, I thought:

What the hell.  Why not go back to the free-weights.  If  there is an open flat bench, I will do my chest presses again.  And nail them.

As luck would have it, there was an open bench.  I laid out my towel, and being a chicken grabbed the 10# weights.  I had sucked big time earlier, so thought I’d be easy on myself.  One push told me I really had to go up to the 15#s. I found and grabbed the only set of 15# dumb bells on the floor.

That’s when this nice guy approached me and asked how long I’d be working with the 15?

Three sets of chest presses.  But I dont’ take long rests.

“Can I jump in?  Can we work together on this?”  Oh my, a friendly weight trainer!


He stood ready to spot me when I failed (my left tricep gives out way before anything else) and simply helped me check my form.  While I rested, he did shoulder raises.  He’d start the move in his toes (I know this technique) and squeeze hard.

“Think of those pretty shoulders you’re building…” I’d say when he was starting to falter.

“Someday…” he’d grunt back.

Me?  I finished my 3 sets of 15 reps without ever needing his help.  Too bad.  I so seldom have the chance to work with a spotter, that I didn’t take advantage of the situation when it arose.

I SO should have made myself go find and push the 17.5# weights.  And my friendly spotter guy would have been thrilled to help work them!

These are the unexpected nuances of working out that I need to be more aware of so I can take advantage of them in the future.


One response to “Wishing I’d Taken Advantage

  1. Hey! You have a blog I didn’t know about! :)

    Funnily enough, I was doing chest presses a few weeks ago when a group of guys came into the weight room at my gym and started working out. I exchanged a few words with them, and a short while later one of them asked if I’d like him to spot me. I ended up refusing the help, but I was thinking later that I shouldn’t have. I’m just not used to receiving help from strangers — the only person who’s ever helped me with weights was my ex-boyfriend. I think if someone ever asks again though, I’ll take them up on it.

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