Eating My Way Healthy

Mid-morning salad snack

It’s 10:30 am and I’m digging into my mid-morning snack as I type this. Curious? It’s a small plate of mixed baby greens, with 5 sliced strawberries and 3 ozs of Oscar Mayer 98% fat free shaved turkey breast. The whole thing is topped with .5 Tbs of extra virgin olive oil and 1 Tbs. of balsamic vinegar. (Calories: 156. Fat:9 g. Carbs:8g. Protein 14g) Not quite in my target range (25%/ 30%/ 45%) but close enough for government work. I’ll drink atleast 12 ozs of water with this.

This followed a breakfast 3 hours ago of Red Mill Muesli which had soaked overnight in Silk Unsweetened Soy Milk. I stirred in a scoop of protein powder before eating it. (Fat 7g, Carbs 30g. Protein 39) and, of course had coffee with a little more soymilk with it.

My meals balance out to be right on target for my goals.

If you are just starting out on a healthy eating plan, hoping to lose more than 10# and just beginning to exercise again, your dietary goals will be different than mine. You should probably be eating 20% fat (good fats, though), 50% carbs, and 30% protein.

Thursday was a light upper body training day, so I’m heading to the gym for a light lower body workout this afternoon.  Tomorrow I’ll take the dogs for a nice 4 mile walk at Pt. Pinole as part of my rest day.  The pace will vary, but should average about 3.25-3.5 MPH.  A nice long and low burn.

How are you doing so far today at sticking with your plan?  What is your plan?


3 responses to “Eating My Way Healthy

  1. I just emailed myself this post so I can make that when i get back from ALA – it looks delicious!! My own regimen has been going well – I see the trainer MWF for a searing hourlong workout after my 20-25 minute warmup on the elliptical. (He said to do 15, but I am so proud I can do longer that I just do). On my non-trainer days (TRSatSun) I hit the gym and do 30 minutes on the elliptical, followed by a minor workout – usually I work my abs, because I figure I can’t do enough to improve there. occasionally I get spunky and do some tricep and bicep work.

    My original plan was to lose weight….I have actually stayed the same *grump**grump* (well, ok, 2lbs lost), but in the first 5 weeks I lost 2″ off my chest, half an inch from my upper arm, 2 1/2″ off the waist, 3″ off my hips, one inch from my thigh and a half inch off my calf. My 6-week measurement is this afternoon (630, w00t!) and i’m hoping the cheeburger I splurged on won’t have too ill an effect on the measuring tape.

    I have found, however, that though I’m within my assigned calorie range, I’m way high on carbs with my meals (to the tuen of 220g compared to 74g protein and 12g fat daily), and am really struggling with how to fix that. Looks like I’m going to have to change up my food routine.

  2. I found you.
    never knew you had this site!

  3. Thanks for commenting, Colleen.. and for clicking over from the twitter link.

    MizFit, I didn’t had this before. I’ve imported from my old blogger site and made it focused. This weekend was the “birth of the blog”…

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