Tale of the Scale: Week of 6/22

The weather here in NoCal has been a challenge to outside activities.  First several days with highs over 100 and still dry air.  Then dry lightening sparked wildfires.  There are over 800 fires being fought in Califronia.  The ash being pumped into the air is making it unhealthy.

The hot weather made me really lazy in eating habits.  Food with too much salt and probably too many simple carbs (quick and thoughtless) means that by Thursday I had gained 3# in a week.  I’m sure it was simply too much salt and the pounds are off now. Unfortunately, it was a “weight and measure” day and the numbers showed that my body fat had risen a bit.  Again, it was probably a temporary thing, and I’m not too concerned.

We’re working hard on strengthening my abs and dealing with a long time related back problem.  I’ll be honest.  I hate ab work.  I hate it enough that I have to push myself to do any work on my own.  And at the moment the crunch work I do with Guido is really hard for me.

Luckily, the guy knows what I do like: upper body work.  So whenever possible, he sandwiches the ab work between some upper body work so I know to just get through the hard stuff and I get my reward.  I will have to remember that point when I’m working out on my own.

What tricks do you use to make yourself do whatever part of your workout your hate?


One response to “Tale of the Scale: Week of 6/22


    Im like you :)
    a weightswoman.

    the only think Ive found to work is not giving myself a choice!


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