When I stopped working in a mall (decades ago), I promised myself that it would take an emergency for me to voluntarily head to any shopping mall on a Saturday.  I’ve managed to honor that vow since then.

So when I drove to my gym today, I admitted that the poor air quality from the California Wildfires IS a personal emergency.  Because my gym is at the mall.  (Yes, I belong to one of those 24 Hour Fitness centers that took over the cinema spaces that closed in malls everywhere about 8-10 years ago.)

This morning I awoke to another day of thick smokey air which canceled any idea of taking the dogs for a nice long walk (or any walk at all). I finally broke down and took a Mucinex to help clear the gunk in my lungs.  However, I had had a very abbreviated workout on Thursday, so my last workout was Tuesday. This has felt like a rest week.

I needed some kick-ass cardio.

I needed to push a hella stack of weights.

Saturday at the mall be damned, I needed to hit the gym.

Happy to say, that 30 minutes of HIIT and a concentrated upper body workout and I’m feeling right on track. My shoulders completely disagree with me and are Googling the definition of torture.

Tomorrow begins another week with my traditional Sunday afternoon trip to the gym. I suspect my legs will be hiring my shoulders as their legal consult.   The abs (they both agree) are on their own.


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