Just Add Friends, Part Two

You might remember that about a month ago, I went down to the Ice Chamber to work out with Maria Niles and her trainer, Jessica. At the time, I invited Maria to come up to my 24 Hour Fitness and work out with me.  (I was hoping that Guido would join us; didn’t end up happening.  Long story short; his loss).

Today was the day!  Yesterday was my birthday (woo-hoo!  I’ve made it another year!) and this was my normal workout day. I did my warm up cardio, then ran outside to await Ms. Maria’s arrival.  (phone call: Maria, we’re between Sears and Penney’s.)

After the formalities (holding the gym innocent if she dropped over dead, throwing purse in locker), we got started with (gee!) a little more cardio.  Only a 5 minute warm up, because honestly.. we were not there to sweat on elliptical machines.

We headed to the floor exercise room, where we both did push ups (yay!), walking lunges (she can take really long steps!) and some bridge exercises.

While we were working, we talked a bit about pull-ups.  They are hard for her to practice at IC because that facility doesn’t use a lot of “fancy” equipment.  So I walked her over to the graviton and let her experience the fun of learning a technique with good form and without pulling your entire weight! It was grand fun!  She played with changing her grip and noticed that the chin position works your chest while the “pull up” definitely works your back and triceps.

However.  this was the first of a couple -uhm – “interesting” dismounts she made from equipment (and an instructional moment of all the things trainers/professionals need to be aware of).  It took her a moment to figure out how to correct the situation, but she soon got herself safely and graciously off.

On to bench press, where she met a nice young man (and a freelance professional trainer), Leo.  We often work out at the same time, and I have designated him one of my “help me with this thing” guys. So he helped us figure out how to get some work in when all the flat benches were taken.  We did some chest presses with dumb bells, but Maria wanted to show her prowess with the bar.  With me spotting (brave woman), she did some gorgeous pressing with a 60# bar.  Of course, that meant I had to try it too.  First time for me.. and if I can find someone to spot in the future it won’t be my last. Totally different than using the dumb bells; not as hard, remarkably, but kind of exhilarating.

We continued on with cable rows, the Roman chair (captains’s chair?  hip flexor torture device?) , and a slant crunch machine.  Somewhere in there another remarkable dismount from this former gymnast.  (but I shan’t go into details, we are friends).

After showering and dressing, we wrapped up our day with some sushi.  Good protein immediately following a workout is important for repairing all the muscles.

I think the muscles exercised the most were our facial muscles. (the best thing I heard all day? “You have perfect form…”)

Great fun.  Great cap to my birthday celebration.

Next big celebration?  October 16th.  The second anniversary of my first workout.


2 responses to “Just Add Friends, Part Two

  1. Sounds like a great workout! How come I never have that much fun at the gym?

    Oh, cause I’m cranky and lazy, that’s right! But glad you have a much better attitude about it.

  2. Love it! I almost always go to the gym by myself now, and I really miss having someone to joke around with and keep me company. (Not to mention the loss of a “spotter.” I haven’t done any bench presses with an actual bar in months.)

    Happy belated birthday, Deb! :)

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