Heavy Weight Days

If you read much about women and weight training, you read that women shy away from using heavier weights.  While I don’t avoid heavy weights because of the silly “bulk me up” idea, I DO tend to get lazy.  I do what I did the last time.

We all know that our bodies adjust to challenges, so doing the same weight I always do isn’t really a good thing.

So this month I’m working on getting strength.  It started this week with a change to my workout routines.

Normally, it’s set up a weight (the weight I’m doing), and go for 3 sets of 15 reps.  Often for the upper body, mix up a superset.  Not so much for the lower body (Hey!  I know how I’m changing things up next week!)  Push them out, move on to the next routine.

Sometimes it’s hard to complete the third set, sometimes not.  It’s still the same old, same old.

My last two workouts (one lower, one upper), I started the way I always do for 2 sets. Then I changed things up.  I jumped up one level in weights (depending on the move, 2.5-10#) and tried to do a third set to 15 or failure of form.  Ya know, I think I did a full set on every move.

Then I did a fourth set just the third set.  These, however, form usually began to suffer before 15. But just before.

I kept my notes.  And next week I’ll be beginning my workouts at the higher numbers.  Concentrate on form, aim for 4 sets.  See how it goes.

2 responses to “Heavy Weight Days

  1. just saying hi

    in a BIG BAD WAY :)

  2. I just upped the weight of my dumbbells for the chest presses I do — I was stuck on 20 lbs for a long time, but last week I used 25 lb dumbbells. I kinda felt like a rock star, so I guess I’ll reach for them next time, too. :)

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