Me? Yeah, I’m physical…

If you had asked me two years ago, I would have told you that I’ve never been a very active person.  I’ve enjoyed walking for years and that’s about it. But as I started exercising, I started telling stories:

  • how I used to go white-water rafting every year.  At least once a year.
  • how I played tennis.  And how I played 3 hours of tennis the day after I broke a knuckle that dislocated every time I served.
  • how I always wanted to hike the Grand Canyon.
  • how I played ball with my brothers, father and grandfather when I was five, and hit more pitched balls than my brother did.
  • how I was the best tree-climber on my block.
  • how I used to play co-ed touch football on fall Sunday afternoons.
  • how I loved pushing weights at community fitness centers.

I realized that I used to be a physically active person.  I am a kinesthic person who processed stresses and emotions through motion.

However, I wasn’t a person who liked PE in school.  I wasn’t a person who liked most team sports (though I loved doubles tennis).  I never could run or swim or bike well and I still don’t particularly like cardio exercise, though I do it 3-4 times a week.

I guess, in short, I didn’t like the activities that many think of as “girl” activities when I was a kid.  We were still always sent out the house after breakfast, due home for lunch then sent out again.  The kids on our block just lived outside when we weren’t in school.  It never struck me that that meant I was active.

During my college years and through my twenties, when I was living on my own, is when I did many of the above activities.  I was young, healthy and didn’t think about any of it as “exercise.”  Heck, it was just having fun with my friends.

After I married, life slowed down a bit and aches and pains cut short first my spouse’s activity level and later mine.

I’m finding, though, that the always-in-motion self is returning.  At the end of a two-day rest period, the evening before I head back to the gym, I’m antsy and prowling the house looking for little ways to get some work in. I occasionally eye a tree for it’s climbing potential (though I suspect I would never climb a tree without some kind of back up nearby now).

Originally, I’d planned on a short white-water trip this summer.  For a number of reasons, that’s been pushed back to probably next year.  And I wasn’t near a phone to try to make reservations for my “dream-vacation” hike of the Grand Canyon (combining the hike with spring training), so that, too, will have to be postponed.  Still, I’m just postponing, not cancelling.

Because active is what I’m all about…


3 responses to “Me? Yeah, I’m physical…

  1. i was the same way as a kid. we used to play “war” which was we would split up into 2 teams, everyone had a whiffle ball bat, and whatever team made it to the top of the shed first won. everyone came away bleeding.

  2. This is great! I liked that part about activity being such a part of your daily life that you didn’t even think of it as such — I was definitely the same way growing up. I didn’t participate in any organized sports (I was home-schooled), but I spent a lot of time outside with my siblings.

    When I don’t do something I want to do right away, I think of it as “postponing” instead of “canceling,” too. :)

  3. come back to us and pour yer knowledge into our collective heads :)

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