Besides picking up the BlogHerbola virus this past weekend, I did manage to find one useful link that many of my readers might appreciate.

Tomima Edmark was at my table during the Health and Fitness Bird of a Feather session. She owns the women’s lingerie site: Her Room. While chatting about one thing or another, Tomima mentioned that her site hosts the video Bounce Tests for sports bras.

Now imagine shopping online for bras, and getting to see a video of not only how they fit some ideal model, but also how a sports bra stands up to the rigors of actual running!  How bouncy are the boobs??

Now I’ve worn a Champion Double-Dry Seamless Sports Bra for all my cardio and weight training, and it won the Best Sports Bra in average figure. (though I think I used the 6242), but holy-schmoly look at the BOUNCE while running in this thing! I wouldn’t want my girls bouncing around like that if I ever actually did some running.

The Natori looked like over-kill but again.. bouncy bouncy in my view.

If these are the winners, do the women really care about bounce while wearing them? Or am I missing something?

Hey, take a minute to visit the site.  You might find a sports bra you really like!


One response to “Bounceless

  1. that must be a good supporter.. ;) very helpful for fitness goers.. ;)

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