Just so you know…

I’m working on a hard post about body image.  Something I never thought I’d write about.  I want it to be good.  I want it be honest.  It’s taking time because I have so little energy at the moment and this post is an energy suck.

It’s coming.  I hope it’s worth the wait.

In the meantime, how have you reacted to the way your body looks and changes over the years?  What body image do you carry around in your head?  And have you always been able to reconcile that image with the truth of your body of the day?  When they didn’t reconcile, what did you do?

Now I hope you see why this post (combined with the energy suck of this flu) are taking all the life outta me.


3 responses to “Just so you know…

  1. In my head, and heart, I’m still a size 5. Reality, size 14. Do I need to reconcile this difference? Other than the obvious health issues of being overweight, is there any benefit in facing this unpleasant reality?

    Riverside County, where I reside, is beginning to address the issue of obesity in children. A small group of women had a lively discussion yesterday on how to address this issue without damaging self-esteem and perhaps creating other issues. How can valid health concerns be addressed and not spread into ‘vanity’ issues? No conclusions were reached.

  2. Looking forward to your post, Deb. Definitely a hard subject to write about…

  3. 1. I am working on getting a new body image because I don’t like the one I have now. Over the years I did not really care about myself enough to work on it but now I do.

    2. I always see the fat girl – but I want to be down to 130 lbs and feel really good about myself. I always tell people I am harder on myself than anyone can ever be.

    3. No. I find that I think I am a lot smaller than I really am. It is hard to face the truth about yourself.

    4. I started a new journey for better health and I am determined to change my view of myself.

    Great questions. I am looking forward to your post.

    Mara http://24stepstogo.blogspot.com/

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