Goodbye Guido

Long time readers of my gym escapades know that I attribute a lot of my success to my relationship with my trainer, Guido.  He believed in me before I believed in myself and he was regularly astounded by success.  “The hardest working woman in the gym..” was how he’d describe me.

You may have noticed that this year I haven’t mentioned him much.  Personal problems have often kept him from the gym with the end result that he and 24 Hour have parted ways.

I was home with the flu last week when things finally ended, so I never got to say a final goodbye.  Part of me is heart broken by his leaving; part of me is worried about his ongoing well-being.  Along with all this, I know that I have the tools to continue my on my own.

Guido taught me well.

If I really have a question and need some help, I’m sure I can find it among you, beloved readers.


5 responses to “Goodbye Guido

  1. I’ve never had a trainer, but sounds like he was a great one. Hope your next one is equally helpful–and good luck to Guido in whatever he’s doing next!

  2. Im so sorry. I know how sad you are feeling about all this, Deb.


  3. I understand Deb….I don’t know what I would do without my trainer Donna. I do not look forward to the day when she will not be around to guide me on my journey. She told me yesterday that I am her favorite client because I do not give up even when I have set backs and I am determined to follow through with my goals. I know she is teaching me the tools I need to succeed but in the end I will miss her when I don’t need the guidance anymore.


  4. checking in on you….

  5. Oh, man! That really sucks. I know how much you liked working with him. I hope the new one ends up working well. :)

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