Welcome Back Weights

Between some health issues and BlogHer, I hadn’t had a killer workout in the gym in almost 3 weeks.  Yeah, I’d gone in before BlogHer for 1 lower body workout – on the light side and 1 upper body – again on the light side.  That had been it until this week.

And, damn, I’m paying the price for that time out of the gym.

Returned this week determined to work myself back into my routine.  I knew I would have to start at lighter than I’d left.  My muscles needed to be reminded that they are meant to work.

Boy have they forgotten.  It’s not that I can’t do any of the moves; it’s not that I had to cut the weight back that far (about 5# at most.  Or going from a strength-training intensity to an endurance intensity.  Which, remarkably, was the plan for the month).

Instead, I’m back to feeling that Delayed Onset Workout Pain.  Shoulders, glutes, hammies.  All reminding me that they were exercised this week.  If, however, tradition follows, I only be sore for the first couple workouts.  Then I’ll be back to:

Muscle-to-me: I was exercised today, and I feel it but I am not sore.

Me-to-Muscle:Get busy healing, because we’re doing this again in 3-4 days!


I’ve gotten appointments with a new trainer (the head trainer at our center).  He’ll admit that he’s the closest in personality and style to Guido and most of Guido’s clients have come to him.  Adam know I need to work on a stability unit and need to actively work on my unassissted pull-up goal for October 16th.  He’s on board.

He will never be  Guido, but he will be the best replacement for him.  As a new experience I can learn more and get further in my training education.  Not my choice, but a likely win-win all around.


4 responses to “Welcome Back Weights

  1. ahhh DOMS.

    I do not HEART ye.

  2. Yes DOMS.

    They pay us for missing work. Only wish they paid enough for a massage to work them out!

  3. Good for you Deb! I started a bodypump class 2 weeks ago and lets jus say after the first one I could not walk! But this week it was a lot better. And I am glad to hear you found a new trainer they are well worth it. Thanks for sharing.


  4. Ah, yes, I know that pain of which you speak. I like giving myself an extra-tough workout once in a while though, so I get that kind of sore feeling for a few days afterwards. Makes me feel like I’m working hard! :)

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