More on When it Comes To Dieting

I’ve been thinking about last post’s study and my reaction to it all weekend (ok.. I MUST get a life!) But I’ve been viewing my experience, my results through the lens of the study.

Part of the study showed that at the 12 week point, while the WWers lost weight and the fitness center’ers lost abdominal fat and built muscle, neither group lost any significant body fat. That’s the fat between your skin and your muscle/organs.  The fat measured by those skin fold tests.

For me, body fat % was the measure of success or failure in my program.  And here, I was likely burning off pounds of inter-abdominal fat that didn’t make the measure, yet not burning off significant amounts of this body fat.

My percentages came down slowly, and still barely hover at the healthy level for a woman my age.  (I’m around 28%).  Even when I was moving into a lower sized jeans every 2 months, the weights and measures were not showing the same dramatic improvement.

I felt like crap.  My trainer was frustrated beyond words.

Now I have a better understanding of what was likely happening and I feel much better about the whole process.  I know that working towards lower body fat now will bring about definition of the muscles I’ve built.  Will help me appear younger and healthier.  Will help me a roll-model for others working toward a healthy life.

I also understand that even when the surface isn’t changing that much, that there can be significant changes going on under the skin that are improving my life and health and the health of others.

I need to share this thought with lots of people…


2 responses to “More on When it Comes To Dieting

  1. wow i think its great u shared
    ugghh dieting :p
    thanks tho u really gave me an idea
    check out my website
    comments please!!!

  2. Such wise advice. I have been losing body fat also but I really don’t see much of a change but as you said it can be under the skin and you don’t see it. It is slow and sometimes it seems that I will never make it but I know in the end it will be worth it. Thanks for your wise words.


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