Working Toward the Pull-Up

If you read through women’s fitness blogs, there are a whole bunch of us who have stated a goal of doing a pull-up.  Some have no time table, just the aim to do it.

Me?  I have a goal: to do an unassisted pull-up on 10/16/08.

To get me to this goal I am working on the following:

assisted pull-ups twice a week.  Decrease the assisted weight whenever I can do 3 sets of 8.  I’m down to 60 or 70#, so still a long way to go before I do that full-on unassissted one.  Once a month or so, I give it a go with the lowest weight on the graviton.  Still a fail, but someday…

Lat Pulls twice a week.  One time with consistent weight.  One time as a drop-weight activity.  Start at 70# until failure.  Rest 30 seconds, drop the weight to 60# and repeat.  Rest 30 seconds, drop the weight to 50# and repeat.  Continue down to 30#, where I’m usually doing 50 pulls, barely feeling the weight, but the muscles they are tired.

I screwed my right shoulder in ’93, with a serious case of Thoracic-outlet syndrome (think carpal tunnel in your rotator cuff), and I am an middle aged woman with some arthritis, so I don’t try to push the shoulder too much.  Those drop weights are a fabulous way to work the muscles without straining the connective tissue.

OK.  I get asked all the time: why 10/16?  What a strange date to pick for a goal.  Well, here’s the scoop:  October 16th is the anniversary date of my first workout.  On that day I did a 20 minute stability workout that left me completely drained (I could barely walk to out to my car), and sore for 2 days afterwards.  It is important to me to celebrate the change in me from then to now. To commemmorate the changes in me that has occurred from then to now.

Seems like a great way to do it.


6 responses to “Working Toward the Pull-Up

  1. how COOL that you know the anniv of your first workout!

    (ok I know that wasnt the point—but intriguing to me none the less)

    looking forward to cheering you on with this.


  2. Ah MizFit (and others) the advantage of blogging one’s life for years now becomes evident.

    I blogged my first workout!

  3. I’m trying to get to an unassisted pull-up too, but seem to have stalled–I’ll keep trying, but the additional effort I’d been putting into it paid off up to a point but no longer seems to be helping.

    I don’t want to stress about it though–if it gets too discouraging I’d rather give up the goal than start dreading my workouts.

    Good luck with your goal!

  4. Crabby, I’m feeling a kind of stall in the process too. However, new trainer is committed to helping so I may be off to new running start! And I do have 2 months to get it done.

    Good luck to us all.

  5. i’ll be waiting for a historic photo to document it! i mean video! it should be videoed!

  6. Just read a great article on just being happy with your natural weight and how to get it. I read it on Traxee a women

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