Still Ill – NOT

I have been sick since I left BlogHer on July 19th.  I definitely got influenza which can kick your butt for a long, long time.  For me, it’s a kind of weakness and some nagging chest congestion that’s slowing me down.  A different medical problem this past week really had me knocked down (drug reactions?  NO FUN!)

I kind of fooled you all by finding draft posts that I thought I had published.  Made it look like I was feeling better and back to my old self. Well, it was my old self though I was not back.   Now I’ve run out of those posts.  (note to self: when healthy, rebuild that draft bank.) Oh, darn!  I have to start writing again.

I got to the gym (finally) for 3 days last week – Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Then that remnant bit of the flu combined with nasty new drug side-effects had me knocked on my butt.  I could barely leave the house; I could not drive; there is no way I could go to the gym.


I missed my gym.  The stupid cardio, the boring floor exercises, the frustrating balance stuff, and delicious weights.  Missed it all!  It doesn’t matter that I was physically unable to be there; that I would be dangerous in there.

I missed my gym.

Things began to turn around Saturday evening.  I kept grabbing my small hand weights and playing around with them.  Not doing anything very serious, but working on concentrating on a muscle group and working it.  Feeling the squeeze.

Sunday I finally got back!

Since I still feel like I’m getting my fitness back, I took things fairly easy.  A simple 20 minutes of cardio at a fairly low pace.  A set for the hip flexors.  Chest press with easy 15# hand weights; bicep curls with a 20# bar.  Some sitting rows.  Squat sled – I hate thee, but I worked thee! – and leg press.  Just under an hour of work.

My mind cleared completely while I was in there working.  My mood improved… and there was peace, love and happiness everywhere around.

OK.  that might be going too far.

But I am back to my calm, easy-going mood.

So how was your weekend?


3 responses to “Still Ill – NOT

  1. OK, I’m glad I’m not the only one who misses the gym when I can’t go but finds much of it stupid, boring, and painful when I CAN go.

    Glad you’re feeling better!

  2. calm, easy-going mood.


    Im trying to follow behind you :)

  3. Glad you are on your way back…..When I don’t feel well I make myself go to the gym even if it is for just 15 mins. just so I can get some cardio in….that is me being stubborn.


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