Friday Training

Thursday workouts with my new trainer seemed cursed.  Last week, I was sick and had to cancel; this week my car was in the shop.  I had to cancel.  We made up for yesterday with a killer workout today.

At our first workout, Adam asked me what I needed to work on.  Stability and core work, I said foolishly.  And I want to do an unassisted pull up on 10/16.  He actually listened.  Our workouts deal a lot with this compound cable machine thing, plus fun additions with stability ball and the weekly journey over to the graviton machine.

Monday’s workout left me feeling it; and presented me with a charming case of DOMS the next day.  Silly me, I thanked me for that!  And I’m sure I will be thanking him again tomorrow for my sore legs and stable core.

The thing is, I miss my freeweights and it doesn’t feel like they’ll be part of the program.  I come in 1-2 days a week to workout on my own.  I’ll be taking care of the free weight part on my own, I guess.

Today I also did 20 minutes of HIIT in my own fashion.  I use a xtrack machine that is similar to the elliptical but no arm handles.  It has variable resistance and goes up to 20% incline.  I start at 6 for 2 minutes, doing an easy 130-140 rpm.  At the 2:45 mark, I crank it up 20%.  At the 3 minutes mark I crank my rpms up as fast as I can move and keep that going for 1 minutes.  Then I slow down and lower the incline.  Two minutes of recovery and I repeat the whole thing again.

While I’m working at a lower rate, my heart rate doesn’t seem to be recovering very quickly.  By the time the 2 minutes are up, it’s maybe dropping 20-30 points.  The cardio monitor screams that I’m over my cardiac threshhold (and I have set for a 42 year old!  not my real age).

Those HIIT workouts where they want to alternating what you do for 8 seconds or 20 seconds or something?  means way too much time paying attention to the clock for me.  But I sure wish I knew if I’m doing things right.  It seems that my max heart rate has gotten higher since I started doing this.  My resting heart rate has dropped a bit.

Anyone got some good advice for doing HIIT?  MizFit?  Is that column coming anytime soon?

2 responses to “Friday Training

  1. I’ve come up against the same thing when trying to research HIIT–no one seems to agree how to do it. So I figure what ever I’m doing, it’s gotta be right!

  2. it IS COMING and Im actually gonna use myself as the guinea pig (shocking I know as Im all about the slow lolling cardio).

    how was the rest of the weekend?

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