Accountable Eating For A Week

When I hit my goal weight back in January (well, maybe my goal weight.  I’ve rethinking this…), one of my promises to myself was to continue to monitor my success by returning to FitDay once a month and write down what I eat for a whole week.

It’s something I’ve done off and on for about 6 years now. Granted, I’m out of the habit and still find it frustrating sometime (does anyone know the nutritional value of a dish of Thai eggplant?  Yeah, neither do I!)  I’ve started to journal my food almost weekly now; I get as far as the middle of the first afternoon and then slip.

So Ali Hale’s post on Dumb Little Man (5 Reason to Write Down Everything You Eat for a Week) is one that was written for me.  The spousal unit is out of town all this week, so it should be an easy case of simply monitoring what I stuff in my mouth.

Someone suggested a website (I have not found it in either of my bookmarks) that can analyze a number of commercially sold foods.  Was that Kalorie King?  Something else?  Anyone have a suggestion for me there?

I’m doing it this week.

FYI: my nutritional goals are to eat approximately 1500 calories (up to 1800 calories on workout days), with a general nutritional breakdown of: 40% carbs (veggies, fruit and small servings of whole grain), 40% protein (fish, chicken, lean beef, soy and protein powders) and 20% fat(fish, olive oil and nuts).  This is NOT a breakdown I’d recommend for someone trying to lose weight.  I am trying to build more muscle and in doing so, burn off some my stubborn abdominal fat.

Well now, that’s interesting!  My first day of recording what I eat and I discover that I’m way way up on the fat for the day.  And way way down on the protein and carbs.  And I thought I was eating well!  This might explain a lot.

Anyone want to play along?


5 responses to “Accountable Eating For A Week

  1. I will play….but I am trying to loss so mine will be a lot different. What do I need to do? (this is a first for me)


  2. Mara,

    When I was losing weight, I went with 50% carbs, 30% protein, 20% fat. It’s a safe effective way to lose.

    To play, choose one of the food-diet sites.. like FitDay or Nutriition Data, or whichever program you want. Track your food religiously for one week. and when you blog, blog the totals.

    If something is really hard or confusing, feel free to ask us for help. Just find out are you eating the way you think you are?

    Today, half way through Monday and i’m right on target with my foods. I’ve worked out too.

  3. i still like the free tracker at usda.

  4. Glad to see you are back writing and hope you are feeling better.


  5. no thank you :)

    but Ill cheer you on!

    (it has been birthday city around here—Ill take a different week to be accountable :))

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