Yes, things are becoming clear…

I had a cupcake for breakfast today.

Last night I had my traditional Monday night get-together; there were cupcakes.  I usually plan my week so that my “cheat” will be the dessert on Monday nights (unless it’s ice cream), so I wasn’t bothered.  However, they packed one extra cupcake into a baggie (like an illicit drug.  Cupcakes, pillls, grass all are passed from one to another in the innocent baggie.) and sent it home with me.

I could have split it in half and given it to the dogs but I didn’t

I ate it for breakfast.

That’s giving you some idea how tracking my food this week is going.  Both Sunday and Monday while simply recording what I ate (not judging, just noting) I was really high in fat consumption, only hit about 1/2 my carbs and was low on protein too.

And I started today off with a cupcake.

I was within my calorie count for both days.  (I first wrote The Good News Is:  but since I’m trying not be judgemental about this, I can’t.  If that’s good news, then the rest is bad news.)

Had a great workout yesterday.  I did 35 minutes on the treadmill before my session with hot new trainer, Adam.  Adam made me hit the gravaton for sets of both assisted chins and dips. The hardest part of the workout? The fat grips on the chin bar; I do not have the hand strength for lots of pulling up on those thicker bars.

A variety of shoulder/tricep/abs/legs moves using cable systems and free weights followed.  My glutes are talking to me today, and I am SO HAPPY that it’s a full rest day.  (although I’m taking one dog for a long walk this afternoon).

One remarkable thing happened while on the treadmill.  For some reason I cannot explain at all I set the speed up to 5.6 MPH and ran for 5 minutes.  Me, who swore I would never run.  Five minutes was my time limit and I got there without my lungs swearing they were about to explode, without my heart pounding out of my chest, and without my bladder promising to quit at any second.

My stride wasn’t as long as I remembered it should be;  it wasn’t that fluid beautiful stride I envy.  But I kept the pace up and didn’t trip over my feet.

I am not promising that this event will ever be repeated.

So, how’s your week going so far?


5 responses to “Yes, things are becoming clear…

  1. Congrats to you for running. I am hoping to up my treadmill soon and start on running also. One of my many goals is to run a marathon and I first need to get into shape for it. It is nice to surprise yourself and see that you can still push yourself harder each day. Well this week I am starting working out in the pool (not good for me) and I also lost 5 lbs I am so excited. I was stuck for so long that this is great news for me. Keep inspiring us Deb you are doing great.


  2. I was always the trainer who encouraged my clients, were they to cave to temptation, to START THE DAY with their treat….then they had all day to burn it off.

    so sorry, deb.

    youre gonna get no admonishing from me :) I dont think it”s that bad! :)

  3. Great attitude about it! You acknowledged it, moved on, and didn’t get all judgmental.

    (And every now and then dessert for breakfast is kinda fun. There’s really not that much difference between a cupcake and a waffle smothered in syrup, which a lot of people wouldn’t think twice about).

  4. The only bad thing about eating a cupcake for breakfast is how it can make you feel later in the day. You get the sugar crash, and you feel hungry sooner. You are more likely to eat more junk food because sugar is an appetite stimulant, too.

    The best time for those extra carbs, if you are going to have them at all, is immediately after a workout. But be sure to add some good protein at the same time.

    One way to increase your grip strength is to just make yourself carry heavy dumbbells around. If you walk regularly, take some dumbbells with you that are heavy enough to be a little bit of a challenge to your grip. Lifters do something similar to this with what are called “Farmers Walks.” You can Google it and see what I mean.

  5. Anne,

    Yep, I walk regularly… with a 55# dog leashed on each arm. I think that’s challenging enough. I can practice walking around the house with some dumbbells…

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