Where I Meet Mr. Smith (machine)

My new trainer, Adam, is definitely shaking things up a bit for me with my workouts.  (yes, this a very good thing!) Last week, I threw a mini temper tantrum because all we were doing was working with this cable system, stability ball and floor work and I was fiercely missing time spent in the free weight section.

I guess I made an impression.

Thursday, Adam decided to introduce me to Mr. Smith.. aka the Smith Machine. Now I know that Stumptuous thinks the Smith machine is completely useless, and that a number of people do not like them.  However, I don’t have a workout buddy and there are lots of moves that one simply should not do without a spotter.  The smith machine steps in to take the place of a spotter for some of these moves.

I did incline bench press, pushing about 70#.  Not earth shattering or particularly note-worthy, but I prefer to go a little light, learn and perfect my form with something new, then challenge myself with more weight later.

And while this particular move wasn’t all that challenging, later in the workout – during weighted lunges with bicep curls – I got to the point where my arms quit completely.  Never did finish that last curl.

I still wasn’t done.  We went on to do a few ab moves, then push ups!  Push ups!  Stopped at the push just before failure.  Thank goodness.. I wasn’t looking forward to a face plant in the gym!

Last night, I sat and watched some TV and played on my laptop a little.  I was going to finish painting my bathroom.. but the idea of an hour with arms over my head was not going to happen.


2 responses to “Where I Meet Mr. Smith (machine)

  1. Keep up the great work – This week I was challenged with starting some exercises in the pool and it wore me out. But I am glad to have the challenged it makes me feel as if I actually have accomplished something.


  2. Im with you. I LOVE the smith machine—–not as much as I loved a training partner but it’ll do for now!!

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