The Visionary Jack LaLanne

Jack LaLanne's 10 Point Plan

Found a number of fun videos of Jack LaLanne on YouTube a couple weeks ago. I took the chance to make a screen shot of his 10 Point Plan for health and fitness

First point, not surprisingly, was to exercise; second, equally as wisely, was nutrition.  He gave some points on how to eat that were quite advanced for the 50s.  He suggested a breakfast of whole grains and protein, a lunch of a large salad with lots of veggies on it, and a supper of lean protein (fish, or chicken) steamed veggies and another salad  Who talked about eating like that in the 50s??

His Sample Meal Plan was not what I remember eating growing up.  But I swear this man was WAY AHEAD OF HIS TIME.  Protein and fruit for breakfast,  Lunch: raw veggie salad and a little protein.  Dinner: Another salad, 2+ undercooked veggies, some protein, and for dessert some fresh fruit.

Go follow the links to some of his other videos.  It’s amazing to see what a visionary he was.

The rest of the points are all great for personal confidence and fitting into the world  But again in the 50s?  Even the 60s, these were fairly revolutionary ideas.  Positive thinking?  Care for others?


2 responses to “The Visionary Jack LaLanne

  1. I remember watching him as a little kid–I don’t remember his specific advice but I remember he seemed a little freaky, with all that enthusiasm and that strange unitard thing he wore.

    It is weird to discover how ahead of his time he was!


    Ive seen him speak a few times (at the Arnold Classic Weekend in Columbus Ohio) and I can NOT believe that he doesnt do any caffeine :)

    he is CRACKLING with energy.

    pretty damn amazing BUT Im not with him.
    I want dessert occasionally :)

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