Rhythm and balance

Woke up Thursday morning believing that I had a workout with Adam at 10 am; he woke up believing it was at 9 am.  Could have thrown the day all off.  Fortunately working with Guido had taught me early how to walk into the gym expecting time with a trainer and do a workout on my own.  His not showing up was one of us trademarks; it taught me as much as a session working with him did:  I am like Marine Recon ( I adapt, I improvise, I persevere.  thank you Gunny Highway!).

After promising to let Adam torture workout my upper body Friday afternoon, I set about that “finding my rhythm thing” today.  After cardio, I hit the floor exercise room for a variety of push-ups, planks and squats.  Stopped to visit with some friends for a minute (social time IS important) before making myself do those hateful crunches and reverse crunches, followed by a round of leg curls, leg presses and leg extensions.

I finished up the day with a challenge to myself.  There was no plyo stool available, but I needed to do side step-ups for balance.  I tested the padded bench in the free weight section and realized I could work it, if I didn’t try to step down below it too far.  Adapted my workout to the tool, (how very Gunnar of me!  and very Gunny of me too!  Is that a coincidence?), and cranked out the moves.

It felt good.  Last spring, when Guido made me do this, I fought him every step of the way.  I whined; I cried; I simply quit.  Thursday, when I finished I thought: Guido would be proud of me.  THEN QUICKLY REPHRASED THAT:  I AM PROUD OF MYSELF.

See?  Finding that rhythm one step at a time.


2 responses to “Rhythm and balance

  1. I hate working on the balance exercises but I have found they do work – I whine also but I also know when I have done a good job that I did it on my own.


  2. Oh, yes, I’m weak on the balance thing, too. You know what I really need to get? A BOSU. I’d love to have one of those for home to practice on. I’m just too self-conscious to use the one at the gym (yes, they only have one at my current gym!). Too many people looking on.

    Good for you, Deb! I love your tenacity. :)

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