Shhh… don’t tell a soul…

I mentioned that today Adam would be torturing my triceps and upper body.  About 1/3 of the way through the workout, we approached the assisted pull-up machine to get my work in on that.

When I’d done some warm up pulls with 30# assisted, then went down to the lowest setting (20#?)  and did 5, Adam decided I needed to try and do a real pull-up.  Because on this machine you step or move forward, he held my hips to keep me steady.


He claims they were unassisted because he didn’t catch my feet, lift or do anything but keep me from swinging.  I’m arguing that as long as someone had hands on my it wasn’t “unassisted”.  He disagrees but understands the strictness of my definition.

Monday, we’re heading to the real chin/pull up bar, I’m standing on a bench to get a start, and doing the thing for real.

Note to self: bring your camera.

(another reason for today not to count!)


5 responses to “Shhh… don’t tell a soul…

  1. girlfriend THAT SO COUNTS.

    CANT WAIT for the pics.

  2. Yeah, that so, too, does count. So the pic will be of your third pull-up. Way to go! And, too late, I’m tellin’!

  3. So Monday will be third, fourth.. and who knows fifth? (ok that might be pushing thing). Bringing the camera in spite of big posters saying pictures not allowed on gym floor.

    next thing you know, I’ll be chinning up all over the place!

    next goal: something balance-y or lower body like…

  4. It so counted! I cannot wait to see the pics.


  5. You are AWESOME. I’m totally jealous!!!!! :)

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