For the record..

Unassisted pull-up postponed until Friday.  Really sore wrists and Adam’s belief that one more hard workout on the core muscles that will be supporting me (lats, biceps abs) was necessary.

Also, he still thinks that last Thursday counts.  I still maintain with without photo proof of the work, nothing is official.

Monday, then, was a HARD workout.  Today is a massage (hmmm… hot rocks…).  Since apparently massages kind of weaken one (it has something to do with the connective tissue, but I don’t understand..) tomorrow is an easy full-body workout with some hard cardio.  Thursday is a rest day.  And Friday is D-Day.  (Deb’s Day??)

Before then, how limiting processed carbs (like flour and white potatoes) were a key part of finding myself in the mirror.  And not the way you think…


3 responses to “For the record..

  1. Im excited for friday—because I dont have to do it.

    Im excited for the carbpost—because I do limit those things and am curious about yer new twist.

    Im just excited :)

  2. Bread is my carb that is so hard to resist — what an aggressive work out schedule, good for you!

  3. HAH!! Adam was right!

    Tuesday, post massage I was a weeble (wobble, but I didn’t fall down. Does anyone remember weebles?) Wednesday, I did floor exercises and stability moves (chest press on a stability ball with 8# weights). Every time I stood up from off the floor, I almost fainted. ‘Course I was also sweatin like a MOFO, so maybe I needed to catch my breath or rest for a minute or two?

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