How’d I Do It?

So several people (especially Miss Julie at Chubby Mommy Running Club) asked for tips on how to get from that weak 1/2 pull-up to the full on thing.

I am NOT going to give you specifics of exercises.  When I started working on this challenge, MizFit suggested that I make friends with my gym’s assisted pull-up machine and I did.  Stumptuous has a whole article on Mistressing the Pull-up. These were my initial guides in preparing.  Oh yeah, and I could already do a push-up.

I am going to suggest that you be able to do 10 push ups before you really start working on the pull-up.  It’s a lot of the same muscles, and a great first brag.  Also, you don’t need ANY equipment to work on push-ups.

My program really got kicked into high gear when I switch over to working the new trainer Adam.  I think at least 1/3 of each workout was dedicated to working my triceps, lats, chest, and core. Because having a strong core makes the pull-up easier.

OK.  Here’s what I really want to know about my achieving this goal.  Hopefully you can apply these ideas to ANY goal you have.

#1. State your goal using the words I WILL.

Forget 1. Do a pull-up or a. I’d like to do a pull-up or -try a pull-up. If you never psychologically commit to actually DOING it, you never will.

Zandria and I were emailing about goals a couple weeks ago.  She picked up on I WILL and wrote about better than I can.


It doesn’t matter what the date is, unless it’s unreasonably to close or too far away.  You don’t have to stick to the date (I accomplished my pull-up 5 weeks earlier).  But it’s another positive way to make yourself buy into the goal.


Like I said, my trainer “buying into” my goal was a major factor, but really all you need is someone to support you.  Blog buddies, gym buddies, friends, family.  Find one or more people who will push you when you need, cheer the small successes along the way, and kick your butt when you need it.


If you’re doing nothing to reach your goal, your not going to get there.  Weekly challenging myself to work with more weight kept me motivated.


3 responses to “How’d I Do It?

  1. Nice tips Deb. I WILL does work and you are such an inspiration.


  2. EXCELLENT post, Deb. Your suggestions really give me a renewed sense of commitment. I’ve been slacking on my pushups, and I know that’s one thing I need to get better at before I can hope to do a pull-up. :)

  3. You’ve nailed it in one. Your core strength is imperative for most body-weight exercises, including chin ups. As your core strengthens you will be able to hold yourself tighter straight up which keeps the chin easier and less swinging about as you hold yourself. I started with just 2 chins when I started working out seriously (thinking I was strong at age 27). I can now do 4 sets of 15 and although I am not as BIG as I would like, I am healthier and stronger. Exercise Ed.

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